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ferti-lome Tree and Shrub Food

19-8-10 with 5 essential Micro-Nutrients Including 1% Iron and 1% Sulfur


  • This is a special formula, specifically made for Trees and Shrubs.

  • It contains “Penetrating Action”, so there is NO need to dig holes, pound stakes or work into the soil.

  • The “Penetrating Action” helps move the nutrients to the feeder roots, when applied to the drip line.

  • The drip line is approximately 3 or 4 feet out from the outer most branches, (straight down) to in 3 or 4 feet. On a mature tree this area may be 6 to 8 foot wide.

  • This is great for all types of trees including: Shade Trees, Fruit & Nut Trees, Evergreens, Citrus Trees, Tropical Trees and Palms.

  • Use on all types of shrubs including: Flowering Shrubs, Evergreen Shrubs, Deciduous Shrubs, Tropicals and small Palms.

  • Not recommended for plants in containers, use ferti-lome Garden Cote 6, ferti-lome Start-N-Grow or HY Growers Special for these plants.

  • Feed trees and shrubs twice a year. Although the label says not to apply in late summer, this is true, but in the Central Plains the actual BEST time to feed trees is in the fall after leaf drop, this application is absorbed and stored like Winterizer. No, it will not cause a push of growth that will be killed by a freeze.

  • Water Thoroughly After Application!!










    Water Thoroughly After Application!