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This time of year can bring on a slew of new projects around the house. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have decided to tackle your renovation projects this season, you may be thinking about all the tools you will need to get the job done. If you don’t have the tools already stashed away in your garage you may be thinking of purchasing them, and that can add up. For seasonal or one-time projects, renting equipment can be the smarter choice that will save you money and storage space for your home improvement projects. Here are a few reasons you should consider renting equipment instead of buying new for each project on your list:

When to Rent Tools

The cost of buying power tools quickly adds up and spending a fortune on items you may only use once or seasonally can add unnecessary charges to your budget. Not only is the cost a huge factor, but if it’s not something you will use often, it can take up valuable storage space in your garage or shred.

Try Before You Buy

Although the price of some items has come down in recent years, it can still be pricey to buy a tool you may not end up loving. Before making a big purchase, you could consider renting so you can get a feel for the tool and see if it’s something you would be happy owning. Pressure washers, for example, have a large range of attachments and nozzles, so by renting you can try these accessories out and see if they are something you would actually use before forking over the cash for it to only sit in your garage collecting dust.

Since power tools are an investment, renting is a great option that allows you to try out various brands and models, which can save you the confusion that comes with trying to compare items in a saturated market without knowing how the item may perform. Another perk to renting is knowing all the equipment is tested and maintained after each use, so it will be ready to go as soon as you are ready to use it.

Get Expert Advice

You can gain valuable information that can save you time and money by talking to one of our experts about whatever tool you plan to rent. Not knowing how to use the equipment can lead to subpar results, extend your project time, and create a lot of frustration. You want to become familiar with the equipment before you leave the store, so allow some extra time to go over the features with one of our team members. Ask any questions you may have and become comfortable with the tool before attempting to use it. We can give you expert advice about how different types of equipment work, so you can spend more time getting things done.

Know the Requirements

When renting any type of power tool, make sure you are fully aware of all instructions on how to safely use the equipment, as well as what is expected from you as the renter. Remember to purchase rental insurance to protect yourself. It’s easy to talk yourself into skipping this step, but it is crucial for your protection in case anything happens while the tool is in your care. Take note of the store hours, as well as the rental rates and time frames. It is always a good idea to return the equipment in the same or better shape than you received it, including removing any dirt or debris it may have collected during use.

From aerators and compressors to ladders and pressure washers, our rental tools can help you tackle your next project no matter the size. To check availability by store, go to Or swing by either store and talk to one of our experts. Let us help you mark something off your to-do list today!

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