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Raised bed gardening is one of the fastest-growing trends in gardening right now.

Raised beds offer; higher yields, expanded growing season, easier maintenance, better drainage, less compacted soils and the ability to use difficult locations for a garden.

This info sheet isn’t about how to build and maintain a raised bed garden, it’s about the products to use to better improve the experience and increase your success.

It doesn’t matter how elaborate or simple the raised bed is, it all starts in the soil. Ferti-lome has two soils you can use to increase yields and improve success.

If one wants an all-natural, organic, OMRI Certified product, the ferti-lome Organic Potting Mix is the best choice. This mix is loaded with Mycorrhizae, worm castings, humic acids, slow-release organic fertilizer and more. Use this for all your soil, or just in the top portion where the plants will be grown.

If you want something to add to existing soil or to an older bed to refurbish the soil, use NG Organic Garden Soil. This soil is made with Canadian Black Peat Moss which is rich with humates and fulvic acids, it also includes worm castings and kelp meal. This soil is not intended to be planted directly into, it is an amendment to improve existing soil, simply add and work in.

Amendments to use each year to adjust pH are HY Iron Plus and HY Agricultural Limestone (dolomite). If you are not applying a soil with Humic acid in it, apply NG HuMic each year to bring the soil back to life, enriching the soil and increasing yields.

Fertilizer choices would include NG Organic Tomato & Vegetable Food, or ferti-lome Fish Emulsion for natural choices. For synthetic fertilizer, ferti-lome Gardener’s Special is the choice, with its 11-14-11 analysis and 5 essential micro-nutrients. For a quick-release food, use ferti-lome Blooming & Rooting.

Insecticide choices would be HY Vegetable & OrnamentalĀ for below-ground insects. For above-ground insects use, NG Spinosad Soap or ferti-lome Triple Action, which is an insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. Both are natural and safe for veggies.

For fungicide, use NG Copper Soap or ferti-lome Triple Action.

If grass invades your raised bed, ferti-lome Over the Top can be used. For broadleaf weeds, hand pull. To have the best success with Raised Bed Gardening contact the experts at The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center!