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Recommended Beautiful Green Lawn Program 


This is a proven process to create a beautiful green lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors! Tailored specifically for the predominant soil types in our area and the climate of the front range of Colorado.  

Good, Better & Best programs: (all programs are designed for 5000 sq ft lawns. (Divide or multiply accordingly for different sized lawns)  

Good = 4 steps listed below

Better = 4 steps listed below plus 2 bags of HuMic added with Step #1 or #2

Best = 4 Steps listed below plus 2 bags of Humic added with Step #1 & 2 bags of HuMic with step #4


STEP 1Fertilome Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food 20-0-3

Up to 4 months of Crabgrass control or suppression of listed annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in ornamental landscape areas, established lawns, and ornamental turf, including golf course fairways, roughs, and tee boxes.  Dimension is the pre-emergent component used and does have a small post-emergent kill for young crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds.  Best time to apply = March-June.  Water in thoroughly after application and do not aerate after application.  If you plan to seed or over-seed, this product will inhibit germination and growth of new seed for 90-120 days.


STEP 2Fertilome Weed-Out Plus Lawn Fertilizer 25-0-4

Provides excellent post-emergent broadleaf weed control on cool and warm-season grasses. Contains three weed killers to stop Dandelions, Spurge, Dollar Weed, Wild Onion, Chickweed, Clover, and over 200 other broadleaf weeds. Do not mow lawn prior to application. Your lawn should be lightly wet before application but do not water for 24 hours after application. Results will be evident in 7 to 10 days.  Best time to apply = May-August.


STEP 3Fertilome Green Maker 18-0-6

A personal favorite, premium lawn food specially formulated for alkaline soils. 10% Sulfur helps correct excessive alkalinity while 5% Iron makes the lawn green. Can be applied every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season.   Best time to apply = March-September.  Water in thoroughly after application.


STEP 4Fertilome Winterizer for Established Lawns 25-5-6

Arguably the most important lawn feeding. Winterizer builds hardiness, stem strength, and disease resistance insuring a healthy, stable lawn that can endure the hardships of winter better than weaker lawns.  Best time to apply = Mid-September-Early November. Water in thoroughly after application.


HuMic – Humates are highly compressed prehistoric matter consisting of plant and animal matter. This prehistoric organic matter has decomposed over thousands of centuries. They help release “locked-in” nutrients, making them more available to the lawn and help increase the water holding capacity of soils.  Soil containing humates resists drought more effectively and produces better yields where rainfall or irrigation may otherwise be insufficient.  Water holding capacity may be increased by up to 1000% in sandy soils and 700% in clay soils!  Essentially, HuMic is food for the soil.   Best times to apply = Spring and Fall.  Water in thoroughly after application.

Contact us or stop by either our Centennial or Parker store to chat with the best lawn experts in Colorado. The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center is your fertilizer headquarters to discover a Proven Process To Create A Green Lawn. You will be the envy of your neighbors!