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Prepare Your Yard for Fall Planting SeasonIs your yard ready for the upcoming fall planting season? As the summer comes to an end, you can expect brightly colored leaves, crisp fall air, and excitement for upcoming traditions. It’s a great time to “Prepare Your Yard for Fall Planting Season”!

This time of year brings new opportunities for your yard, too! It’s a great time to plant trees and shrubs, and we are here to help. Before you begin planting, though, there are multiple ways you can prep your lawn to keep it healthy and well-prepared for the arrival of fall.

During the summer months, your yard generally has more foot traffic, which can compact the soil. Aerating the soil is the perfect way to prepare your lawn for fall plants.

By aerating, you will increase the oxygen your soil receives, allowing the roots to better absorb fertilizer and water. Once you have aerated the soil, fertilizing with a late summer blend is a great next step to ensure your lawn is prepared for new trees and shrubbery, but also the coming months that bring colder temperatures.

After a full summer of mowing, your mower’s blade may be dull. Not only will a dull blade overwork your mower, but it will make your lawn appear uneven and choppy.

In the same token, it’s also important not to cut your lawn too short, as the roots can get too much sunlight. However, as the summer season begins to wind down, you can lower the cutting height for the season’s last two lawn cuttings.

The work you do to your lawn in the late summer months will set you up for success once spring rolls around.

The August weather provides enough ground warmth for your new plants, trees, and shrub roots to acclimate to their new environment before colder weather takes hold. Adding enough mulch to your new lawn additions will keep the soil temperature warmer for longer.

Certain types of plants are slow to establish, depending on the elements in your yard, so talk with one of our planting experts to ensure whatever you choose to plant will do well in your yard.

To help you with your projects, we are offering limited-time sale prices on live plants, trees, and shrubs! As a bonus, we also offer tree and shrub delivery, as well as a potting service when you purchase a live plant and pot from us. 

Contact us or stop by to chat with the experts at The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center about preparing your yard for fall planting season.