Step 1               Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food

Apply in March or April before the weeds germinate. Apply and water in.

This is a slow release 20-0-3 fertilizer with micro-nutrients and a weed and grass preventer. This unique product will also kill, small weeds that have just emerged.

In areas where weeds are a problem, follow up with an application of Weed Free Zone

10 to 14 days later. (see below)

Step 2                            Weed-Out plus Lawn Fertilizer

Apply in April or May. Apply when the lawn is wet, water in after 24 hours. This has quick and slow release 25-0-4 fertilizer that will feed up to 2 months.

It also has a fully systemic broadleaf weed control, killing over 200 types of weeds. Follow up with an application of Weed Free Zone 10 to 14 days later.

Step 3                            Green Moken

This has 3% added Iron for a very deep, dark green that is long lasting.

Step 4                            Humic Granules

Apply in Sept/October (preferred), or March/April, apply in spring and fall in yards under extreme stress or struggling. Apply and water in.

This has Humates which brings the soil back to life, increases water holding, converts organic matter to nutrients and increases fungus resistance.

If Overseeding             New Lawn Starter

Apply when overseeding with Humic Granule (above), for quicker establishment of seed, increased cold tolerance and drought tolerance. Repeat application in 3 – 4 weeks.

This has a 9-13-7 fertilizer with extra Phosphorus and micro-nutrients. Use every time you plant seed and get better germination, rooting and hardiness.

Step 5                            Winterizer

Apply in the October/Nov. Apply and water in. Also apply to adjoining trees, shrubs and ornamentals to winterize them as well.

This has a 10-0-14 fertilizer. Nitrogen is used as stored food for the winter, Potassium is used to increase cold hardiness and recover from summer stress.

Optional                         Weed Free Zone

Apply in the spring or fall to kill established, actively growing, broadleaf weeds. This is a cool or cold weather weed killer, it works when others won’t, down to 40°.

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