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ferti-lome Horticultural Oil

  • Contains: 80% Mineral Oil    (Highly Refined)
  • Has NO Temperature Restrictions.

Dormant: Will work if it freezes after the application dries.
Growing Season: Will NOT burn plants when used at over 100° if plants are hydrated, (watered, not drought-stressed).

  • It May be used on evergreens, will not remove waxy coating on needles.
  • Also has surface fungus control properties.
  • This is your BEST Spider mite Control!
  • Apply any time of the year!

Both Oils control almost all stages of insects; eggs, nymphs, and adults, by suffocation.

Hi Yield Dormant Spray

  • Contains: 98.8% Mineral Oil
  • Has Temperature Restrictions.

Dormant: Use on a day over 50° where it doesn’t freeze for 24 hours afterward.
Growing Season: Will burn plants when used at or over 90°. Can burn, even if sprayed after dark if the temp is over 90°.

  • It May NOT be used on evergreens, it will remove the waxy coating on needles.
  • Has NO surface fungus control properties.
  • Apply in the Early Spring or Late Fall.

Always spray Oils in the early morning.

Contact us or stop by to chat with the experts at The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center to discuss Horticultural Oil vs Dormant Oil.