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Home Improvement Projects That Don’t Break the Bank

Looking for ways to refresh your space while also fitting those changes into your budget? We have you covered.

Most people hear “home renovation” and think of costly projects, but revamping your space doesn’t have to empty your wallet. You can tackle many home improvement projects and transform your space with simple and inexpensive updates.

Try some of these affordable changes to help your home become a space you are proud of:


As the first “hello” of your home, the foyer or entryway is the first impression of your home for guests. First and foremost, this area is the easiest to catch clutter, but it’s important to leave this space tidy.

Adding function to an already-busy section of the home is a win/win, and you can do so by enhancing your area with different ideas to fit your needs. Something as simple as added hooks, a shelf or a seat can provide so much functionality to this busy little space in your home.


Hardwood floors bring warmth and versatility to nearly any space, but daily exposure to dirt, dust and foot traffic can leave your floors looking dull and worn. Taking the time to polish your wood floors will leave your room looking transformed while requiring little time and effort.

Your floors will thank you if they are polished at least once every six months, or more if the area is a high-traffic area of your home.

Curb Appeal

This is the best way to give the exterior of your home a facelift. Whether you’re adding new landscaping items, updating your mailbox or house numbers or even decorating for different holidays—people will notice the difference.

A landscaped yard suggests an inviting home. You can add flowers and greenery by installing a railing planter that will be sure to draw visual attention to the front of your home. The result resembles a window box but will work with just about any fence or railing!

Guide your guests from the street with a well-maintained path. If shrubbery or vines are taking over your walkway or front door, giving them a quick trim or adding a trellis will allow you to redirect the vines while not eliminating them entirely.

Adding motion sensor lights near the front door or along the walkway to your door adds an extra level of safety and security. You can use solar walkway lights, or use hanging lanterns on either side of your front door to give it a rustic and elevated appearance. Matching finishes with these accessories can give you a tailored look, while vintage or thrifted elements give the front of your home an eclectic aesthetic.

Another budget-friendly option that creates a big difference with one simple change is painting your front door. A brightly colored front door provides a fun and welcoming appearance and will be sure to make your home stand out among the rest of the neighborhood!

Kitchen Additions

Swapping out your tired backsplash with a patterned one that freshens your kitchen and adds visual interest is an easy way to transform your entire kitchen area. There are many options on the market for tile, glass, ceramic or stone that are budget-friendly, but if you’re wanting to be extra frugal, you can install your backsplash only behind your sink or stove range where it will provide the most protection.

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is all the rage right now. If you’re looking to give your kitchen cabinets a change, you can remove the cabinet doors on your upper-level cabinets and add wallpaper to the back portion of the cabinet to bring in a pop of color or interesting patterns. This will provide easy access to open storage and will force you to keep the inside of your cabinets tidy.

You can also add cute storage bins or baskets to bring in various textiles.

Bathroom Upgrades

Most bathrooms can always use a little more storage, and there are many ways to accommodate an area that has limited space. If your bathroom has a plain mirror mounted above your sink, swap it out for a medicine cabinet to keep your countertops clear from clutter.

If there’s no room to add an extra cabinet, consider open shelves or off-the-wall storage options like multi-level carts, floating shelves or even a decorative ladder to hang your towels on—which will free up space in your existing bathroom storage!

You can use different hardware styles to completely transform the look of your space or to give your cabinets a modern makeover. Drawer pulls and knobs, towel racks, and even faceplates for your light switch or outlets can all have the same finish, or you can mix and match to bring in a more eclectic vibe to your home’s style.

From storage solutions to stylish hardware—we have everything you need to complete these projects! Check out our home goods section to find what you need, or visit your local store today.

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