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Trying to tie a space together while being financially responsible and inviting cohesiveness into your home can feel challenging and a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you!

With established strategies, you can turn a cluttered and unorganized space into a functional, stylish, and engaging one. Working through the clutter and removing items you feel you’ve outgrown can give your space a quick facelift, but if you’re looking to make bigger changes, there are a few tips to remember that will help make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Start here:

Consider Your Budget

A massive budget isn’t needed to curate a space you can be proud of. Repurposing classic or gently used items is always a popular move, and you can find great deals when you go on the hunt for thrifty shopping locations that allow you to discover covetable vintage treasures on a budget!

Having a color palette, style or plan in place before you start the hunt will help you avoid buying items that end up collecting dust in a closet. You can also use existing components in your home if you’re looking to subtly redecorate, or you can add a fresh perspective with new decor and textiles.

Embrace—or Reject—the Trends

It can be easy to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing, but it’s important that you design with your taste in mind. Keeping an area simple by using items you love will create an inviting space you will want to spend time in.

Pay attention to paint colors and fabric swatches that continue to catch your eye, and you’ll soon be able to identify common themes that will guide your style inspiration. Sometimes all it takes is added patterns and furniture arranging to find the layout you enjoy most.

Clear the Clutter

Becoming a minimalist isn’t necessary, but making sure you choose your pieces with intention is important. You want the space to feel authentic, so adding in personal touches and unique pieces is encouraged.

Sprinkle in items that are meaningful to you that will bring happiness to your space and will spark creativity. Doing this will allow you to visualize what you imagine the space needs to transform into a more inviting spot.

Think about how you will use the room to guide your decorating decisions. Will the area be an everyday hangout, or will it be used for special occasions? Versatility is key when making any type of décor change.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Take time to piece together your new space. Artwork, the addition of mirrors, and paint changes can transform a space drastically and without a lot of effort.

Letting the new look evolve over time will create character and depth, and you will be more likely to enjoy it long-term. Remember, it’s OK to experiment with different trends or styles—you can always switch things up if it doesn’t feel like the right fit.

Once you’re happy with the cohesion, sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space!

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