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Create a Perfect Cozy Reading Nook on a Budget

Some spots just seem to be made for curling up with a good book for hours, like a hammock by the beach, a plush chair next to a fireplace, or a quiet library corner.

Whatever your ideal spot is for reading, you can create the same feeling in a space at home. Creating a cozy reading nook in any part of your house is easy and can be done on a budget!

Nook Must-Haves

Whether you’re creating your first reading nook or updating a not-so-cozy corner of your home to read in, you can transform your personal library by adding a few essentials.

Comfy seating. A reading nook is lost without comfy seating, and an oversized armchair is perfect for sinking into while you drift away into whatever fantasy trip your book is taking you on. If a big chair is too steep of purchase or if you just don’t have the room, beanbags are also a great addition or comfy floor pillows can be used if you like to move around as you read. Add a plush blanket to the mix and you’re already halfway there!

Mood setting. Adding scented candles, plants, soft lighting or natural light can tie a space together. If you’re lucky enough to have a spare window with perfect lighting—great! If not, you can explore different kinds of lamps to see what kind of ambiance you’re into. Lazy arm lamps are a great way to bring soft light into your reading nook, and being able to adjust the angle of the light is a bonus because you can play with the perfect amount of light to make it just right for the mood. You could also use string lights if you just needed a little added warmth, or sconces that don’t require hard wiring are trendy right now.

To help cut down on noise, you can add textured throw pillows and blankets, rugs, or curtains. If your nook doesn’t have a door, you can create one by using a cute curtain. This will not only cut down on noise but also makes the nook feel like a secret hiding spot, which only adds to the fantasy-world feeling once you’re immersed in your book.

Books. This seems like a given for a reading nook, but finding a bookshelf on a budget is not an easy task! It is easy, however, to look for non-traditional décor items that can be turned into a rustic book display shelf, like floating shelves, crates, reclaimed wood, or even a kitchen cart! A modest collection of books will create an added level of cozy, and depending on the space you have, you can combine different shelving types in your nook to create the right amount of storage.

The Addition of Greenery

Plants purify the air and offer a welcoming atmosphere, which provides better quality to your nook space. They also add a hint of nature to the room, which boosts mental health by helping us relax.

You can’t focus on the story from your book if you’re thinking about everything on your to-do list or what you need to get from the grocery store. Fill your reading space with plenty of organic décor, like rubber trees, succulents or hanging plants. They will quite literally breathe life into your space.

Finishing Touches

The last part of creating the perfect nook involves adding personal aspects to your space. You can frame pages from your favorite books, use a string with clips to hang handwritten notes or cards from loved ones on the wall, place pictures on your shelves or even hang maps of places you want to travel—not just inside your stories.

If you’re looking for more inspiration or the tools and hardware needed to bring your reading nook to life, stop by our Parker and Centennial stores and let our knowledgeable staff guide you in the right direction!

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