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What Are The Best Fertilizers For Flowers?

I had a conversation with a guy who challenged me, “Which fertilizer is the BEST for flowers”. I carefully went down the list and I was continually told no I was wrong. I explained my reason for each one and was still told no! Finally, I asked, “Which one is correct?” He said, “not one, all of them!” His point was a very good one. Each fertilizer listed on this sheet is the Best fertilizer for how the homeowner is going to use it. One needs to ask the homeowner; how good do they want their flowers to look and how much work are they willing to do to get them there.

What follows is a list of flower fertilizers from the least amount of work to the most. Each of these will give the homeowner the best flowers they can get, depending on how much and how often they fertilize.

If someone wants to only fertilize once all year, ferti-lome Garden-Cote 6 will give them the best flowers they can have using only one application. It is a 12-12-12 super slow- release fertilizer with 6 micronutrients that feeds up to 6 months.

If they are up to fertilizing every 1½ to 2 months, ferti-lome Premium Bedding Plant Food is their choice. This has a little quick release, some middle release and some slow release, something for everyone.

Many people don’t want to have a fertilizer for every type of plant they have, such as flower food, vegetable food, perennial food, rose food. The catch-all fertilizer would be ferti-lome Gardener Special. It has an 11-15-11 fertilizer with both quick and slow release fertilizer, feeding up to 3 or 4 weeks. This is for the person wanting to fertilize only once per month.

The last two are at the bottom, I will briefly describe each and how to use them for the best results.

First is ferti-lome Blooming & Rooting, this is a 9-58-8 water soluble fertilizer. It is a fertilizer that feeds for 3 to 10 days. I usually recommend, pick a day of the week that is fertilizer day and use it once per week. With 58% Phosphorous it is made to help establish a plant as well as promote more blossoms.

Second is ferti-lome 20-20-20 Water Soluble Plant Food. This will also feed for 3 to 10 days, so apply at least once per week. This is a balanced formula, for general the health of all plants.

Finally, for the most work and to push flowers to the absolute best they can be, you need to alternate between ferti-lome Blooming & Rooting and ferti-lome 20-20-20 Water Soluble Plant Food, throughout the season.

So stop by The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center to discover how to choose the best fertilizer for flowers!