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Lawn Care

Make your lawn look it’s best with our selection of:

  • Lawn fertilizers
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Grass seed
  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Miticides
  • Herbicides
  • Lawn pest control. (rabbit, vole, deer, mice, rats, ants, roaches, spiders, dogs, cats, squirrels etc).


Landscaping & Gardening Tools

We also carry landscaping and gardening tools both long and short handled as well as:

  • Spades
  • Cultivators
  • Hoes
  • Shovels
  • Rakes
  • Weeders
  • Aerators
  • Loppers
  • Pruners
  • Pole pruners
  • Hand saws
  • Hose, hose reels, hose watering timers and hose end nozzles
  • Above ground sprinklers
  • Tree care and protection
  • Landscape fabric and pins
  • Fencing Materials – Wire fencing, chicken and rabbit wire and hardware cloth.
  • Work gloves and outdoor thermometers.

Also have soil amendments like lime, gypsum, humic, etc.  plus plant and tree fertilizers.


Horticulturists & Master Gardeners are on staff to answer all of your planting & gardening questions.  Every plant requires a different amount of attention, let us help you find the perfect flower for the perfect spot.

Did you know that Highlands Garden Center offers Landscape Design Services? We have a staff member who offers this.  Just simply call to make an appointment!  Call us for more details.

Stop by The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center Today in Either Parker and Centennial to Speak With Their Team of Experts!

Green Maker Fertilizer by ferti-lome at the Big Tool Box




A premium lawn food specially formulated for alkaline soils.

Warm-season grasses: Apply one bag per 7,200 sq. ft.

Cool-season grasses: Apply one bag per 10,800 sq. ft.

Consult the bag for proper spreader settings.

• 10% Sulfur helps correct excessive alkalinity while 5% Iron makes lawns green.

• Apply every 4 to 6 weeks during the growing season

Colorado's Own Weed and Feed

It’s Time to Start Thinking About a Green Lawn!

Colorado’s Own Is a Premium Fertilizer Made In Colorado Specifically For Colorado Soils

The Big Tool Box is proud to feature the Colorado’s Own yard care product line including:

1. Lawn Food

2. Weed and Feed

3. Vegetable Garden Food

Stop by either our Parker or Centennial location to discuss with our experts which Colorado’s Own fertilizer would fit your needs best.

Plantskydd repels by emitting an odor browsing animals associate with predator activity – stimulating a fear-based response. Animals avoid plants before they bite – not after!

* Safe for use on vegetable gardens and fruit trees – especially important to today ’s environmentally conscious customers!
* Safe for people, pets and plants.
* Plantskydd is the #1 choice of professional growers, foresters and landscapers because it is rain resistant and this results in outstanding efficacy and durability in repelling: deer, elk, rabbits, and voles.
* Over winter applications and bulb protection provides customers with year-round protection.
* Fertilizing Effect – Plantskydd’s active ingredient has long been recognized as an organic fertilizer (12N). All plants tested that were treated with Plantskydd were larger, had more flowers and greener leaves.
* OMRI listed ORGANIC – safe for use on vegetable gardens and other food crops. Safe for people, pets, and plants.
* No need to rotate with other repellents.
* Manufactured in the USA.

* 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

True Organics Organic fertilizer at The Big Tool Box and Highlands Garden Center in Parker and Centennial

The Worldwide Leader
in Organic Fertilizer


True Organics organic fertilizer LogoTRUE ORGANIC specializes in one thing: organic fertilizer. Dry, liquid, or custom blend, our fertilizers are designed to work long after it’s applied to help plants thrive. For better and brighter colored plants, a more beautiful lawn, for tastier fruits and vegetables, and for faster growth, you can’t find a better fertilizer.

The Big Tool Box is proud to feature the entire line of True Organic, organic fertilizer products! Stop by either our Parker or Centennial location to discuss with our experts which True Organic product would fit your needs best.


Pro Rich Organic Based Fertilizer

Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food is unique in its offering with its organic base. 

Pro-Rich Professional Formula Turf Food contains chelated* iron which is most readily available to plants.

Improved soil structure
Increases root growth
Long lasting green
Aids in reducing thatch
improves disease resistance
Helps reduce weeds in your lawn
Assists in balancing pH
Reduces watering requirements

*Chelated iron is the iron form which is most readily available to plants for absorption, resulting in the best performance.

Alpha One-Colorado Organic Fertilizer


Get your grass looking sharp with AlphaLawn II Plus Iron! Our organic-based fertilizer conditions the soil, loosens compacted areas, and deepens roots for a strong, healthy lawn. With the added benefits of iron, our formula counteracts high pH calcareous soils to create the perfect environment for all grass varieties 🙌

Transform your lawn into a green paradise with AlphaLawn II Plus Iron! Check out how fertilizers with iron can help you keep your grass lush & green ⬇️


✅ Iron helps improve the color and overall appearance of lawns, making them look lush and healthy.

✅ Iron-fortified fertilizers can help prevent and correct yellowing or chlorosis of grass blades, a common problem in lawns with iron deficiency.

✅ Iron can also help deepen and strengthen the root system of grasses, making them more resistant to stress and drought.


Commercial Equipment Sales

Denver contractors know us for our quality brands, expert customer service and knowledgeable staff. Come in to let us help you with your equipment needs.

Screws, Nails and Fasteners

Need to put something together and make it last? Come on in and ask our experts what type of screws, nails, nuts, bolts or fasteners will help you get the job done right.

Home Goods

It’s the indoor and outdoor touches that make a home shine. From household cleaners and equipment to decorative clocks, gauges and accents, we are sure to have something for just about every nook and cranny.

Storage & Organization

Looking to get organized? We have a great selection of bins, bags, carriers, systems and hangers to get you started and finished in an orderly manner.


Being an Ace Hardware store, it means we specialize in all of the little hardware items that are huge in making your projects a success.  We have a full selection of Hillman fasteners, builders hardware, deck screws, tubing, hangars and much much more.


Find all the best paint and stain colors to inspire you from top brands like Clark+Kensington, Magnolia by Joanna Gaines, Cabot, Sikkens and more.


Looking for vinyl PVC or copper plumbing supplies? We have a wide variety of couplers, fittings, elbows and piping to get the water running. Serving contractors and homeowners for almost half a century.


When it comes to lighting up a room, we carry the top brands you can count on by Gardner Bender, Lurton, Levitron and Monster and a full line of Sigma fittings and couplers. Looking for fuses, electrical cords,or shop and work lighting, we have it.


We carry an assortment of bulbs and outdoor lighting fixtures, solar lights and string/market lights.   We also have as low voltage landscape lighting.


Keep your car running smoothly with our great selection of automotive supplies.


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